B&B X Founders


We live in an entrepreneurial economy. No longer defined by traditional ways of being, or established ways of behaving, today’s businesses rely on the leadership of free thinkers and first movers – forward-thinking founders who aren’t afraid to get things done.

What can existing businesses learn from this brand founder mindset? What is it about this mindset that helps create brands that truly matter to people today - those that our future depends on?

Here at B&B, we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with a host of such founders over the past ten years, creating some of the most dynamic, successful and inspiring food and drink brands of the decade. We ask ten of them what makes a successful entrepreneur? What character traits, desires and personal motivations can really be attributed to their success?

Introducing B&B X Founders. Featuring Pippa Murray, Crispin Busk, Chris Money, Hayley Gait-Golding, Chris Hannaway, Phil Davidson, Mike Stevens, George Frost, Duncan Obrien and Freya Twigden.


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