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There’s never been a better time to be brave. Founder insights for developing brands in uncertain times. Chapter One: Fuck It.


The last few months have forced businesses to re-focus, often as a matter of survival. For many brands, it has undoubtedly been a difficult time, but it has also helped bring perspective and clarity to what people truly want and need.

As we move into a new phase of uncertainty post initial lockdown, it’s important to keep focused on progress, and we find ourselves returning to the pearls of wisdom unearthed during our recent B&B X Founders project. Many of the brands included were born during the 2009 recession, and their subsequent success is testament to the power of an entrepreneurial mindset during troubling times. Here, we bring together their insights over three chapters, inspiring brands that matter to people during times of uncertainty.


When the world isn’t playing ball anyway, it’s much easier to think differently and be disruptive. You can’t follow the rules when there are none, so fuck it. Try something nuts.

Our founders are a free-thinking bunch. Be unreasonable, is the advice from Peppersmith founder Mike Stevens. Question everything, says Chris Hannaway of Infinite Session. Both brands were born out a realisation that the products we were being sold – from sugar-free gum to alcohol-free beer – simply weren’t good enough, and that someone should do something about it. As we emerge from lockdown with, fingers crossed, a kinder, more progressive, more purposeful attitude, what are the products or services we should be questioning now? And how should we go about reinventing them? For Duncan O’Brien, founder of Dalston’s Soda Co, the plucky East London cola invented to take on Coke, the answer is obvious – Have insane ideas. At times like these, there’s definitely method in some madness.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two: Do the right thing.

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