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Why do brands even matter today?


In our world of abundance and excess, why should brands matter and what should be their role?

We’ve all heard the statistic – that if 75% of brands disappeared overnight, nobody would care. I don’t doubt it. In the supermarket aisles, we’re overloaded with duplicate products from unremarkable brands, at a time when such signs of abundance and excess feel frankly inappropriate.

But there is a role for the right sort of brand. At a time of growing distrust – of the government, of the media, of the food industry and of big corporate business – there’s a real appetite from consumers for brands they can trust. And, consequently, there’s a huge and growing opportunity for brands to engage with those consumers and take on some of the roles traditionally associated with those big institutions – as educators, entertainers or environmentalists. With such a widened remit, it’s not too big a stretch to claim that brands matter more than ever.

That’s certainly our belief at B&B. And why we choose to work with brands that want to do things better and effect positive change in the world. Because it’s not enough to pay lip service the consumer’s desire for a healthier, more sustainable, more ethical product – you have to deliver that difference at every level of your business. Authenticity isn’t an aesthetic or tone we can design into your brand – it has to come from you.

Of course, that’s not to say the design isn’t important; we believe it’s integral. But it has to be born out of a fundamentally good product with an inspiring, unique and consumer-centric positioning – that’s what creates the difference between a great-looking brand and a great-looking and effective brand. For consumers, a brand that inspires love is a true agent of expression – it must meet their functional needs, share their moral values and reflect their ideal lifestyle.

As an agency with an unusually high proportion of brand creations in our portfolio, it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re not just adding to the noise. We’re taking a stand as a business about the kind of future we’re helping to create – seeking out those projects that we believe will genuinely enrich people’s lives and encouraging our clients to achieve that within the boundaries of the planet’s reserves. Innovators and idealists, the people we partner with believe in a brighter, better and braver future – and they’re helping us create the design of tomorrow.

Article from Lisa Desforges, Strategy Director at B&B studio

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